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Ford F 500 Custom, 4 x 4 (Front view, right side)


Front view, right side

Picture from Danish Army publication

Ford F 500 Custom shown as radio relay truck mounted with a Siemens shelter covered with aluminium. 2 vehicles were acquired on behalf of COMLAND DENMARK in 1959. Besides the RR-trucks 2 mulitplexer- and 2 line construction vehicles were delivered.
The RR vans were mounted with 2 Siemens FM 12/800 UHF-radios, and the mulitplexer-vans had 2 VZ12 12-channel equipments also produced by Siemens.
In 1967 an extra RR truck, which had been stored for some years at a depot in Saeby, was delivered.
The vehicles were used solely by the former 6. Danish Signal Battalion in Aarhus (later Randers).
Around 1976 the shelters were transferred to
Mercedes-Benz LA911 trucks, and were used until the batallion was closed in 1993.

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