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Leopard 1A5 (Front view, left side)


Front view, left side

Picture courtesy of Henrik Clausen, Copenhagen


Shown above is the Leopard 1A5 DK MBT in service with SFOR in the former Yugoslavia June 1998.
The A5 DK is equipped with a fire control computer, a laser range finder and a gunners primary sight (EMES-18 - stabilised thermal sight). The commanders forward periscope and panoramic sight were extended for a clear view over the primary sight housing.
The gun received a thermal sleeve and a muzzle reference collimator at the end of the barrel. The mantled mounted XSW-30-V infra-red/white searchlight became redundant, and was removed.
Not to be confused with the German 1 A5, the Danish version retains the welded turret.
The shown vehicle is furthermore up-graded with air-condition, fire-suppression system, Honda generator, searchlight from the de-commissioned
M41 DK1, GPS etc. This was done to all Leopards participating in the UNPROFOR/SFOR operation (in total 35 vehicles), and the model is designated DK-1.
The heavy use of mines in Bosnia lead to the procurement of
RAMTA mine ploughs (74 kb) in 1993.
Among the latest additions to the DK and DK-1 are roof mounted "fast fittings" for two rifles for close defence work and a rear mounted turret rack.

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