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    Mercedes-Benz G270CDI/28, 4 x 4, 12/24V (Front view, right side)  
  Front View, right side

Picture courtesy of Allan Snogdahl, Lille Skensved

An escort vehicle has been developed by the Danish Army Material Command and the Army Combat School. A prototype was produced in 2004/2005 by the Army Production Facilities in Hjoerring. The purpose of the vehicle is to provide the soldiers with better protection from IEDs and attacks.
The vehicle is mounted with mesh on the drivers side of the front window. The vehicle has 8 76 mm smoke dischargers and mount for machine guns front and rear. It seats 3 to 5 soldiers depending on configuration. The soldiers is partly protected from scrapnells and fire from small arms by kevlar plates. A search light and wire cutter is mounted on the roll bar. A radio rack is mounted on the left hand side, providing mounts for 2 VHF-radios, 1 HF-radio and ECM-equipment.
Mount for a 2.5 ton Sepson winch with remote control is mounted front and rear.
Some 30 vehicles are to be produced at the Army Production Facilities, and were scheduled to be delivered to the Danish forces in Iraq in late July 2005.
At the same time all the Mercedes-Benz 240GD (approx. 80 vehicles) in Iraq have been superseded with the G270CDI mounted with a
Vehicle Protection Kit.

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