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Mercedes 240 GD, 4 x 4, 24 V, D (Front view, left side)


Front view, left side

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Danish Army Specific: The Mercedes 240GD/24 superseded the M151A1 (Ford Mutt), the VW 181 ("Jagdwagen"), and the Land Rover 88 in the Danish Army.
First deliverance took place in 1985 and more than 1.300 has been put in service.
: Production of the GD started in 1980 by Gelaendewagen Gesellschaft (GFG), a joint-venture between Mercedes-Benz and Steyr-Daimler-Puch. 1981 Steyr-Daimler-Puch bought out Mercedes-Benz of the GFG company.
The main components of the vehicle, except the transfer case, are from Mercedes-Benz car and light truck series production.
The Austrian group continues to to manufacture the vehicle on contract for Mercedes-Benz at itīs works at Graz.
Itīs offered with 2.4 m wheelbase (GD/24), 2.85 m wheelbase (GD/28) or, as a late introduction, 3.40 m wheelbase (GD/34).
License-produced in Greece by Hellenic Vehicle Industry SA (formerly Steyr-Hellas) and produced as P4 by Peugeot from 1982 for the French Army to replace the Hotchkiss M201.
In widespread service with armed forces world-wide.
Length: 4.01 m (156 inches).
Width: 1.70 m (66 inches).
Height: 2.10 m (82 inches).
Weight: 2.700 kg (5.940 lb.).
: Own 4-cylinder, type OM 616.9, 2.399 cm3 (146 cubic inches) displacement, liquid cooled.
Horsepower: 72 at 4.400 rpm.
Transmission: 4-speed G1/17-4 (711.2) gearbox.
Transfer case: 2-speed VG 080 (750.6).
Electrical system: 24 volt, negative ground.
Brakes: Hydraulic, dual circuit with vacuum booster.
Tyres: 7.50 - 16.
Fording depth:
without preparation: 0.6 m (23 inches).
with deep water fording kit: N/A.
Fuel type: Diesel.
Fuel capacity: 70 liter (15 gallons).
Range: 350 km (218 miles).
Crew: 1 + 2.
Additional: Differential-locks in front- and rear-axle.
Mercedes 240GD/24 (Scout) (93 kb)
Mercedes 240GD/28 (DEOS) (112 kb)
Mercedes 240GD/28 (Softtop) (53 kb)
Mercedes 240GD/28 (Commander HF-radio) (94 kb)
Mercedes 240GD/24 (Stationcar) (94 kb)
Mercedes 240GD/28 (Stationcar) (93 kb)
Mercedes 240GD/31 (Daisy EW-vehicle) (80 kb)

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